This website is a database of wheel fitments for various vehicles. Its purpose is to show how different wheel fitment may look, and also aid those in deciding what wheel specifications to choose from for their vehicle.

RIMTUCK.com urges anyone who thinks they have good wheel fitment to contribute to the database by adding your wheel fitment setup.

The setups in RIMTUCK.com's database may contain aggressive fitments which require excessive camber adjustments, body modifications, stretched tires and any other means to create their specific stance. These fitments may cause premature wear/damages to the tires and any mechanical components and may also cause hazardous riding conditions. The setups in the database may also require more modifications to the vehicle than what the users have stated. RIMTUCK.com is not liable for any damages cause to your vehicle, vehicle components and/or yourself. RIMTUCK.com is also not liable for any fitment problems to anyone who uses the database's setup as a guide.

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